About Us

Founded in 2001, the Somali-Canadian Society of Calgary (SCSC) is a non-profit  Charitable organization that serves the cultural, psychological and socio-economic needs of the refugees, immigrants and youth in Calgary and surrounding cities


 SCSC  helps new immigrants throughout the City of Calgary achieve success in their new community by providing information, referral advocacy, social and support services.

Our Values:

  • Self-Identity: We affirm the value and uniqueness of every individual and provide space for people to participate in ways that reflect and strengthen their connections to themselves and others.

  • Community: We believe that when individuals participate in community, everyone benefits. Belonging, sharing and supporting each other makes us stronger together – as individuals, families and society.

  • Inclusion: Diverse voices and perspectives create opportunities for all. We welcome, appreciate and commit to the participation of our members.

  • Empowerment: We support the positive actions of individuals and groups, to realize their own potential and to make individual and community change.

Hope will be found by understanding that diversity is the essence of who we are as Canadians and why we need each other to fulfill it.

Our Mission

Enriching our communities through social services that promote and build a strong and prosperous society.


Our Vision

A city enriched by the integration and interdependence of all cultures.

Board Of Directors 2020 to 2022

1.      Fitah Jeylani              President                     

2.      Abdullahi Aden         Vice President

3.      Bidik Indho                Secretary

4.      Hassan N Hassan      Treasurer

5.      Abdi Ali                      Director

6.      Hassan Warsame       Director

7.      Mohamed Hassan     Director

8.      Adam Abdisalan        Director

9.      Ibrahim Abdulle        Director